How to apply

How to apply for Medical universities in Hungary?


Admission process of Medical Universities:

Well okay, I guess we covered all the reasons as to why one would choose Hungary to study in. As for the business universities and other Hungarian universities you should contact the universities directly to learn about the admissions process; however Medical schools have a separate, unique admission process which is rather difficult and slightly complicated; hence why I’m going to break down the whole process for you guys. Pay close attention and use this information in case you ever decide to join a medical school here in Hungary (Disclaimer if you choose to go to med school, say goodbye to a normal life).

Well first things first, you need to be aware that in order to get admitted to a medical school in Hungary you have to take an entrance exam. Each university arranges their own entrance exams and depending on which universities you plan to apply to, you need to take their separate entrance exams. So basically bear in mind that, you first take the entrance exam and then you can apply to the university.

Now lets talk more about the entrance exam and the contents of it. A lot of students and candidates prefer to take a preparation course, that is they attend a college program called as a ”Pre Medical program” to help them prepare for the entrance exam and basically help with their foundation of science and medicine. This is specially popular with students who have only completed 11 years of education and hence they haven’t attended the 12 th year or any pre university programs. It is also good for students who have never studied in English and so it is a great chance for them to improve their English.