Study in Hungary – Study medicine in Hungary

Continuing education in Hungary and admission to Hungarian medical universities have the most applicants in the world. The University of Semmelweis in Hungary is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical universities in Europe. This university is approved by Iran and is located in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Courses at the university are taught in English, German and Hungarian. Students applying to immigrate and study in Hungary must submit a bank account of around € 10,000 to the Hungarian Embassy as financial support. Medical and dental education in Hungary is cheaper than most other parts of Europe


Studying in Hungary in the field of medicine lasts 6 years, the first two years of studying in this field will be general medicine courses and from the third year the medical students will be required to pass clinical courses and in the last year the student must have shifts in hospitals.


Universities approved by medical courses in Hungary :


The following are the approved medical courses for studying in Hungary:

Semmelweis University of Budapest

Szeged University

Pecs University

Debrecen University of medicine

The list of universities approved by the Ministry of Health in the Department of Medicine and Dentistry in Hungary includes:


Study in Hungary – Student work in Hungary 2020

Depending on the degree, the student is allowed to work for 20 to 30 hours per week and after completing his / her studies, he / she can change his / her student visa to a work visa. This visa aims to find a job after graduation in Hungary. As a result, the student will first find a job in Hungary and then apply for a work visa.


Study in Hungary – Costs of studying in Hungary

The cost of medical education in Hungary: $ 18000 per year

The cost of dental education in Hungary: $ 18000 per year

Cost of studying pharmacy in Hungary: $ 12,000 per year

The cost of living in Budapest is around 700 to 1000 euros per month.