About Hungary

Tradition and Modernism at the same time!

Why Hungary ?


  • High quality in educational system
  • Lower cost of living compared to other European countries in Hungary
  • Validity of Hungarian university diplomas in other European countries
  • Possibility of transfer to Iran
  • Hungary is a member of the European Union and has open borders with other European countries
  • Hungary has a Schengen visa so students can easily travel to other European Schengen countries
  • International students have the same rights as Hungarian citizens.
  • Medical insurance is compulsory throughout the course of study at Hungarian universities.
  • Providing and using sports and internet services by paying membership fees in universities
  • Hungarian diplomas have been evaluated and approved in 25 European countries, the United States, Canada and Iran.
  • Hungarian universities are approved by the Ministry of Science of Iran, so studying in Hungary has a high standard. So it can be said that the conditions of studying in Hungary have caused many people to choose to study in this country.



Obtain a Hungarian passport by obtaining a 2020 student visa: :


Studying in Hungary will not lead to obtaining a passport in this country, but it is necessary for the applicant to receive a work residence in Hungary after completing his / her education and finding the job and converting his / her student visa into a work visa (Permanent residence and then Hungarian citizenship and passport ).



Many people today are applying to study at Europe’s top universities.

In addition to studying in these universities, having suitable living conditions and also the possibility of having a student job along with studying can create suitable conditions. In the meantime, many people also intend to return to their beloved country after graduation so Hungary, with all these benefits, can be one of the best choices for people applying to study in Europe. The teaching style and practical courses in the universities of this country have attracted the attention of many students and have caused many students from all over the world to immigrate to this country every year.





In recent years, many students have chosen to study in Hungary and have studied at prestigious Hungarian universities. In fact, it can be said that more than 20,000 students from 100 countries have chosen to study in Hungary.